Slumber Bean Bag - A Bean Bag turns into a bed

The Slumber Bean Bag

The new Slumber Bean Bag includes a full, queen or king size bed inside. Be prepared for extra guests this holiday season with this cozy bed in a bean bag.

Bean Bag Bed - How it Works

To access the bed in your bean bag, simply unzip the outer decorative shell to reveal the cushion. Fluff it and spread it out over the floor and you have a great place for friends and family to gather.

Of course you don’t have to sleep on your bean bag bed to enjoy it. In fact, mean Slumber Bean Bag owners spread their bean bag beds out in front of the TV to watch football games or watch favorite movies. If it gets let and you start to doze, you’ll be cradled in a warm and comfy bed. Perhaps you won’t wake until morning.

Bean Bag Bed - Sizes

The Slumber bean bag comes in several bed sizes. You can pick from any of the following sizes:

  • Full Size Bed - Accommodates two smaller people.
  • Queen Size Bed - Better for a couple than the full.
  • King Size Bed - Ideal choice for a couple. Also creates extra space for siblings who don’t want to get too close.
  • Double-King Size Bed - Offers two king size beds which you can stack for extra comfort or lay side-by-side for a giant sleeping area. Some people might fold each King over to add loft to the bean bag bed.

More On Slumber Bean Bag

Keep an eye out for future posts about the Slumber Bean Bag. We think one of the neatest inventions to come along in a long time is this bean bag that makes a bed.

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